Many countries block travel from UK ⦁ 多個國家暫停比英國出發嘅人入境

嚟緊幾星期,如果想離境然後再入英國境 (包括想延長LOTR嘅港人) 將會好難,因為變種病毒已經令好多國家暫停比英國出發嘅人入境。以下係我哋經BBC同可靠新聞渠道所組合嘅消息: 愛爾蘭:星期日開始已經暫停比英國客運航班及船隻進入。 法國:由星期日開始48小時,唔俾任何從英國出發嘅人進入。

Setting up a new life up North in Durham ⦁ 喺英國北面嘅 Durham 尋找新生活

Before coming to the UK, GoGo (高高) thought starting a new life in the UK with his wife and son would be expensive and difficult but he noticed living in the North is affordable, and his house is "frankly cheaper than a flat in the Greater Bay".