查詢BNO簽證廣東話熱線 ⦁ Cantonese hotline for BNO Visa enquiries

我哋好多朋友同家人都預備緊申請BNO簽證。剛剛知道英國負責處理BNO簽證嘅 UK Visas and Immigration部門依家開始可以接受廣東話諮詢。 你可以喺星期一至五香港辦公時間內(朝九晚五)打電話去+44 (0)300 790 6268或者+44 (0)203 875

Vaccines coming in the UK ⦁ 我哋英國兩老有得打疫苗喇!

超開心!London Lad 70幾歲嘅爸爸媽媽聽日就會接種第一劑嘅輝瑞疫苗。NHS已經通知咗佢哋,第二劑會喺12個禮拜後打。 喺英國,只有NHS會提供疫苗,而且係免費嘅。暫時有得打疫苗嘅係高危人士,包括年紀大嘅人,以及喺NHS工作嘅人員。

Two single girls moving to awfy dreich Glasgow? Aye right! ⦁ 進擊的港女! 蘇格蘭格拉斯哥篇

Ying Goi Dim • 英該點 · 進擊的港女! 蘇格蘭格拉斯哥篇 Kaka and Bear have been best friends since secondary school. After the BNO visa was announced, it took them only a few days to pluck up the courage to tell their parents their desire to move to the UK as two single girls to support one another.

Ying Goi Dim in Ming Pao ⦁ 英該點上咗明報

多謝明報喺佢哋嘅「BNO。覓何路」系列入面提到英該點。文中提到喺英國邊境獲批LOTR時要留意護照上面嘅蓋印啱唔啱。 We have been mentioned in a Ming Pao article on BNO Visa. Thank you! The article discussed what you need to look out for (especially the passport stamp) if you are planning to apply for LOTR.