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How Russell found work in 2 weeks and made a £10/hr job work for his family ⦁ 點樣喺兩個星期內搵份£10一個鐘嘅工養活妻兒

Ying Goi Dim • 英該點 · 點樣喺兩個星期內搵份£10一個鐘嘅工養活妻兒 Russell arrived in the UK in mid October with his wife and their 6-year-old daughter on leave outside the rules (LOTR). Like many Hong Kongers, Russell wanted to get a job as soon as possible and sent out nearly 100 job applications. He thought he hit rock bottom
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How to find a UK job and rent a flat on Facebook ⦁ [神級技能解鎖] 如何用Facebook搵工搵樓

Immigration Stories by Ying Goi Dim ⦁ 英該點的港英故事 · 如何用Facebook搵工搵樓 Nigel Chan and her husband said that if one of them managed to get a job in the UK then they would move immediately. They arrived at Manchester airport on Leave Outside the Rules (LOTR) in early October. They are now working on bringing
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Be careful of strangers in Facebook/Whatsapp groups ⦁ 入群組要小心

One of our friends shared a scary experience after joining various Whatsapp/Facebook groups that claim to discuss about moving to the UK. I joined quite a few Facebook and Whatsapp groups about moving to the UK. Let me share my experience because I want you to remember not to overshare! On Facebook, I have had
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What jobs are available for Hong Kongers? ⦁ 香港人可以搵乜嘢工作

Immigration Stories by Ying Goi Dim ⦁ 英該點的港英故事 · 香港人可以搵乜嘢工作 The UK is much bigger than Hong Kong and so is the range and number of jobs and careers available to you. The choice of where you live and where you work often go together. People in the UK often commute for up to one