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但係我哋可以做嘅,係努力生存。 剛剛睇完鏗鏘集嘅《一個都不能少》,觸動到我一個擺埋咗一邊好耐嘅情感,仲喊緊。 我一直都集中訪問唔同嘅人,唔多講自己嘅感覺,因為我覺得自己唔重要。但係睇完呢條片,個心好酸。
Homes beneath the Lion Rock in Hong Kong

Some chicken soup for your soul before leaving Hong Kong ⦁ 離開香港前要飲嘅心靈雞湯

Immigration Stories by Ying Goi Dim ⦁ 英該點的港英故事 · 離開香港前要飲嘅心靈雞湯 Nick, born in the 1970s, plans to migrate to the UK using BNO visas in February/March 2021. Given his kids do not have BNO passports, not moving to the UK means he would take away the opportunity of becoming British away from his two daughters.