Running a Chinese takeaway in the UK ⦁ 點樣喺英國開中餐外賣店

Ying Goi Dim • 英該點 · 點樣喺英國開中餐外賣店 Hong Konger Ella moved to the UK 16 years ago. Ella worked in a bar, in a Chinese restaurant as a waitress in Tesco stacking the shelves. Now she is a business owner with her own Chinese takeaway in North Yorkshire. She shares with Ying Goi Dim her

Conkers or sweet chestnuts? ⦁ 七葉樹果實定係栗子?

剛剛有香港人分享咗一條 YouTube 片,完全誤導,叫人喺英國執七葉樹果實當栗子咁食,痴線!七葉樹果實係有毒㗎,唔可以食㗎! We just saw a completely misleading Youtube video today, implying that you can eat conkers as if they are sweet chestnuts. This is FALSE! Conkers are toxic and should not be consumed by people. Whoever made that video is an
COVID-19 testing

Flying between HK-UK amid COVID-19 ⦁ 新政府疫情指引下,點飛去香港或英國?

Immigration Stories by Ying Goi Dim ⦁ 英該點的港英故事 · 新政府疫情指引下,點飛去香港或英國? Updated: October 2020 Judy Chan is currently in Hong Kong, planning to come to the UK with her two daughters on a spouse visa. Judy and the kids need to fly to the UK in October to pick up their BRPs (biometric residence permits) and