Winky saying goodbye to his family in Hong Kong

Setting up a new life in the UK as a lonely middle-aged man ⦁ 孤獨老餅點樣去英國展開新生活

Immigration Stories by Ying Goi Dim ⦁ 英該點的港英故事 · 孤獨老餅點樣去英國展開新生活 Winky Ma arrived in the UK on Leave Outside the Rules (LOTR) in late September. The recent political situation in Hong Kong prompted him to leave Hong Kong and move to Manchester on his own as a “lonely middle-aged man” (孤獨老餅), as he describes himself.
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Choosing electricity and gas supply ⦁ 記得你有權選擇電力及煤氣供應商

Do you have to use the companies already set up for you in a rental place? Can you choose who you buy utilities (electricity and gas) from? U Switch https://www.uswitch.com/ You can pick electricity and gas companies you want, and each area has a different selection of companies. Image: Kelly Sikkema on
Zoe Bantleman of Richmond Chambers LLP

Q&A on the BNO visa with Zoe Bantleman of Richmond Chambers LLP ⦁ 你問我答:英國移民律師解答BNO簽證問題

Zoe Bantleman is a barrister at Richmond Chambers LLP, a multi-award winning partnership of specialist immigration barristers based in the heart of Covent Garden in London. She has written extensively on British nationality and immigration law as it relates to Hong Kong. Over the years she has helped many Hong Kongers safely relocate to and settle in the