Running a Chinese takeaway in the UK ⦁ 點樣喺英國開中餐外賣店

Ying Goi Dim • 英該點 · 點樣喺英國開中餐外賣店 Hong Konger Ella moved to the UK 16 years ago. Ella worked in a bar, in a Chinese restaurant as a waitress in Tesco stacking the shelves. Now she is a business owner with her own Chinese takeaway in North Yorkshire. She shares with Ying Goi Dim her
Jeff's family settling in Manchester

Follow up: Jeff enjoys life in Altrincham after 3 months ⦁ 移英生活跟進: Jeff 嘅頭三個月生活比想像中好

Immigration Stories by Ying Goi Dim ⦁ 英該點的港英故事 · 移英生活跟進 – Jeff 嘅頭三個月生活比想像中好 We followed up with Jeff Chu, who moved to Altrincham, Greater Manchester in early August 2020. He told us how his relationship with his family improved since living in the UK, how his daughter is getting used to school and how he