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香港製造口罩送到嚟英國 ⦁ Masks made in Hong Kong delivered to the UK

在英港人終於可以以合理價錢購買香港製造嘅口罩喇! 英該點見到英國有好多非常昂貴而低質嘅口罩。為咗令喺英國嘅香港人都可以買到高質素嘅口罩,今次同香港嘅九巴合作,將九巴嘅成人,年青人及兒童口罩送到黎英國。 購買連結:www.buyhongkongmasks.com

Leaving HK in my 60s is not easy, but home is where my children and grandchildren are ⦁ 60多歲移英經驗:「我嘅仔女同孫喺邊,我嘅屋企就喺嗰度。」

May is a grandmother in her 60s. When her daughter and son asked if she wanted to move to the UK with them now that the BNO Visa is a reality, she was hesitant to give up her life in Hong Kong. Even though flying between the UK and Hong Kong regularly would be even

Vaccines coming in the UK ⦁ 我哋英國兩老有得打疫苗喇!

超開心!London Lad 70幾歲嘅爸爸媽媽聽日就會接種第一劑嘅輝瑞疫苗。NHS已經通知咗佢哋,第二劑會喺12個禮拜後打。 喺英國,只有NHS會提供疫苗,而且係免費嘅。暫時有得打疫苗嘅係高危人士,包括年紀大嘅人,以及喺NHS工作嘅人員。

Conkers or sweet chestnuts? ⦁ 七葉樹果實定係栗子?

剛剛有香港人分享咗一條 YouTube 片,完全誤導,叫人喺英國執七葉樹果實當栗子咁食,痴線!七葉樹果實係有毒㗎,唔可以食㗎! We just saw a completely misleading Youtube video today, implying that you can eat conkers as if they are sweet chestnuts. This is FALSE! Conkers are toxic and should not be consumed by people. Whoever made that video is an