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How Hong Kongers can increase their competitiveness in the UK job market with a better CV ⦁ 香港人分享求職及寫CV心得

Ying Goi Dim • 英該點 · 香港人分享求職及寫CV心得 It took Monica just a few days to make her mind up and move to the UK in August 2020. Back in Hong Kong, she was in the creative industry before becoming a financial planner and eventually moving on to retail investment. Despite her good-looking CV, it still

學校停課期間BBC增播小學及中學生節目⦁ BBC to play programmes for primary and secondary students during school closures  

因為英格蘭嘅所有學校都停課, BBC預備播放多個俾學生睇嘅節目去幫助英國嘅家長。 由下星期一 1月11號開始, CBBC星期一至五每朝9點到中午12點,將會播放專比小學生睇嘅節目。呢啲節目包括 BBC Live Lessons, BBC Bitesize Daily, Our School,,Celebrity Supply Teacher, Horrible Histories, Art Ninja 及 Operation Ouch。 而BBC

Setting up a new life up North in Durham ⦁ 喺英國北面嘅 Durham 尋找新生活

Before coming to the UK, GoGo (高高) thought starting a new life in the UK with his wife and son would be expensive and difficult but he noticed living in the North is affordable, and his house is "frankly cheaper than a flat in the Greater Bay".
Family of four enjoying Christmas

LOTR follow up: Kane found a job as a steel fixer ⦁ LOTR跟進: Kane 分享喺英國點樣搵扎鐵嘅工作

Kane Chiang has been in the UK for a few months since he arrived on LOTR (leave outside the rules) with his family in August. Since mid October he has been working as a steel fixer. He's surprised that demand for construction workers in the UK is fairly stable despite the COVID-19