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Be careful of strangers in Facebook/Whatsapp groups ⦁ 入群組要小心

One of our friends shared a scary experience after joining various Whatsapp/Facebook groups that claim to discuss about moving to the UK. I joined quite a few Facebook and Whatsapp groups about moving to the UK. Let me share my experience because I want you to remember not to overshare! On Facebook, I have had
Family of three

Q&A with Jeff the civil engineer who moved here 2 weeks ago ⦁ 落地兩星期嘅工程師點適應生活

Immigration Stories by Ying Goi Dim ⦁ 英該點的港英故事 · 落地兩星期嘅工程師點適應生活 Jeff Chu left Hong Kong and arrived in Altrincham, Greater Manchester less than two weeks ago in early August. A civil engineer in his 40s, he came with his wife and daughter. Bracing for a potentially lengthy period of unemployment due to Covid-19, Jeff is

Beware of immigration scammers  ⦁ 小心BNO騙案

Immigration Stories by Ying Goi Dim ⦁ 英該點的港英故事 · 小心BNO騙案 Beware of immigration scammers ⦁ 小心BNO騙案 Fraudsters are quick and innovative. Some are already taking advantage of Hong Kongers’ interest in the BNO visa process.  Please refer to our post on the process, which we will update as new information comes.  Here are some guidelines