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I was lucky enough to tempt Kong Girl to move to the UK and marry me more than 12 years ago. Hong Kong became my second home with another precious family and now I want to welcome Hong Kongers to Britain.

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There’s no other way, but to leave Hong Kong for freedom: Samson’s story ⦁ 離開香港去尋找自由:陳渭新的故事

Samson Chan is in his early 50s. He left Hong Kong in fear of his life and arrived the UK in early January. He was the assistant of Ted Hui, former Hong Kong pro-democracy legislator who faces criminal charges stemming from protests in Hong Kong in 2019. After Ted Hui landed in London to begin

Being an ‘astronaut’ will be difficult

The UK government does not want Hong Kongers to live as ‘astronauts’ on the BNO visa. The latest details on the visa process encourage family groups to move, live and stay together. Updating the BNO visa guidance on 23 December, the UK government clarified the application process, which opens on 31 January. Families must apply