Checklist when you arrive in the UK ⦁ 到埗英國後必做事項清單

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This is a guide to the things you will need to do once you are in the UK. The instructions here are not exhaustive, but they should give you a good idea what you will need to do and we will update when the government releases more details of the visa process.

If you hear of anything else, or have experience of doing these things please make a comment to help the community. ❤️👍

You may need to register with police ⦁ 去警署報到

Some visas require people over 16 years of age to register with police within 7 days of arrival.

You need to do this if the visa sticker in your passport says ‘Police registration’ or ‘Register with police within 7 days of entry’, or if you have a letter from the Home Office that says you must register with police.

Entries on LOTR have no visa sticker or letter from the Home Office and have therefore not been required to do this. We do not yet know if police registration is required for the BNO visa.

If you do need to register with police, go to a normal local police station. You do not need an appointment. They need to see:

  • 2 recent passport-size colour photographs
  • Passport
  • The visa ‘vignette’. This is the sticker in your passport if you applied outside the UK.
  • The letter sent by the Home Office when your visa was approved
  • Your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)

The cost is £34, which you pay at the police station. The police will then record various information about you. The full rules are here.

Set up your Council Tax ⦁ 安排繳交市政稅

Council Tax is paid by the occupants of each home to fund local services. 

The amount varies according to the council’s assessment of the value of the property, each area’s needs and the annual budgeting of the council. The average Council Tax bill is £1818 per year. You will need to arrange monthly payments. 

Simply follow instructions on letters sent by the council. You may need to contact the council by phone and let them know your name, address and bank details.

Bank account ⦁ 開銀行戶口

As long as you have ID and proof of address – such as a council tax bill – you should have no problem opening a basic current or savings account. Research the high street banks online and make your choice. You might want to consider which has better links to Hong Kong. You can usually begin an application online, or simply walk into the branch. 

Some banks see a BNO passport as a British passport, which can facilitate opening an account. Please share your findings in the comments!

Register with a local doctor  ⦁ 同當地醫生登記

A local doctor is called a GP, which means General Practitioner. One or more GPs will work together in a local office called a surgery. 

Once you are in the UK you can find the local GP’s surgeries in your area and contact them to ask if you can register. They will accept you unless they are over capacity or there is some health reason. 

You have the right to consult with a GP regardless of immigration satus or whether or not you have paid the Immigration Health Surcharge. The NHS also provides translation services as needed.

The process involves filling in this form. The only important parts are your name, address, and date of birth. They ask for a proof of address, like a utility bill, but it is not essential to begin the process and have a first meeting with a doctor.

Once you are registered you can book an appointment online or on the phone. If you need to go to a hospital, your GP will refer you.

Get a National Insurance number ⦁ 申請國家保險號碼

Most, but not all, employers require a National Insurance number. It is also needed to apply for a student loans, pay tax and other things.

✅ The BNO visa will give you a biometric residence permit, which may have a national insurance number printed on the back. If so, great! 

Children are automatically sent a National Insurance number card shortly before their 16th birthday. 

If you do need to apply for one:

  •             Age 16-20: Call HM Revenue & Customs on 0300 200 3500
  •             Age over 20: Call HM Revenue & Customs on 0800 141 2075

You will receive a form in the post. To complete the form you will need some form of proof of your identity and the right to work or study in the UK.

⚠️ People arriving on LOTR have said the helpline above refers you to attend your nearest Jobcentre, but COVID-19 has caused a lot of disruption to these processes.

TV Licence ⦁ 電視授權

If you watch TV or streaming services, even on a computer or phone, you need a TV Licence. There are only a few exceptions for elderly or partially sighted people.

Get a TV Licence from the TV Licensing Authority for £157.50 per year. The money is used to fund the BBC.

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8 thoughts on “Checklist when you arrive in the UK ⦁ 到埗英國後必做事項清單

  1. Karen Ng

    Hi, may I know if hkger in UK with LOTR can register with a GP? Thanks.

    1. 港女 Kong Girl

      Hi! Yes indeed. The steps are listed here under “What is a GP”:

      Let us know if you need anything else!

      1. Katrina C.

        Hi, how can one with LOTR register with GP when LOTR holders have not paid the IHS?

        1. London Lad

          You do not need to worry. Anyone in England can register and consult with a GP for no charge and GPs are not required to check immigration status at all.

          You can read more under ‘GP services’ here:

  2. John G

    I thought that BN(O) did NOT have to register with the police, as BN(O) treated as British subjects within the UK. I may be wrong (and police web site isn’t clear, I admit).

    Various legal and web pages suggest police registration is not needed, eg:

    You may wish to check this aspect

    1. London Lad

      Thanks John. You may be right. I have changed the text to make it general. I think only when we see the BNO visa stickers will we know for sure. Probably then we will make a definitive update.

      1. John G

        OK thank you – sorry, yes, I am just trying to help, sorry for any trouble/issues caused. As BN(O) will already really face a lot of logistics issues arriving in UK and I am trying to minimise any impact.
        As you say, we need to see what the actual BN(O) VISA says as OTR is a “out of normal scope” situation.
        Of course BN(O) parents who bring HK SAR children of age 16+ with them these children will need to register

        1. London Lad

          No trouble at all! In fact, very helpful!

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