How to get rid of moving boxes? ⦁ 英國搬屋嘅紙皮箱點處理

Brown and white cardboxes

How can we get rid of moving boxes? Below are some suggestions.

  1. If you have the space, keep them so you can reuse them. They are NOT CHEAP so keeping them in a dry place will save you a few pennies next time when you move.
  2. Contact local charities or community organisations to see if they need them. However, with COVID I worry many will not accept this offer for now.
  3. Recycle them. This is the easiest option. Check out this website to find the nearest recycling locations, if you do not know already.
  4. Do your neighbours need them? Try Next Door to see if anyone near you wants to pick them up from you?

Image: Michal Balog on Unsplash

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