Follow up: Jeff enjoys life in Altrincham after 3 months ⦁ 移英生活跟進: Jeff 嘅頭三個月生活比想像中好

Jeff's family settling in Manchester

We followed up with Jeff Chu, who moved to Altrincham, Greater Manchester in early August 2020. He told us how his relationship with his family improved since living in the UK, how his daughter is getting used to school and how he noticed a surge of Hong Kongers around Altrincham. What he realised during his three months here? “There is nothing that we cannot overcome.”

You can read Jeff’s arrival story here.

How are you getting on with your new life? ⦁ 眨吓眼你就過咗嚟三個月,生活點呀

It’s much better than I expected. I don’t feel as much pressure as when I was in Hong Kong. I used to work 12 hours a day, and now I spend those hours with my family while I start my own business here, so our relationships have been much better. And I am most happy about how good my relationship is with my daughter as we now talk so much more.

How is your daughter doing? ⦁ 你個囡適唔適應

First off, kids are amazing. My daughter is picking up an English accent already.

Back in Hong Kong, she preferred holidays to school, like most kids. We are on half term-break now and she said to me the other day she wouldn’t mind going back to school skipping the break! I think the freedom at school has made her enjoy school life more. Now that we spend more time together, she starts telling me about her old school life. I only realised now that she was not allowed to have a sip of water during classes in Hong Kong.

The kids from the flat downstairs often ring our bell to see if they can hang out with her. She also made a new friend at school who is also from Hong Kong.

Amazing that there is another Hong Kong kid in your daughter’s class. Do you feel there are more Hong Kongers in the UK now? ⦁ 竟然有其他香港人同你個囡同班。你覺唔覺得越來越多香港人已經抵達英國

Back in August when we landed, I only saw Hong Kongers when we went shopping at Chinese grocery stores. Recently, I hear people speaking Cantonese every time when I visit my local Waitrose and Aldi.

What is the one thing that you are still getting used to with your new life?  ⦁ 有啲乜嘢你仲未適應

Not having a job. Talking to other Hong Kongers new to the UK, we are all expecting not being able to find a job in the next 6-12 months. I am starting my own business now. I think it is an alternative. Hong Kongers can try and work on a business proposal and start a company up here.

Any additional thoughts for Hong Kongers planning their move? ⦁ 對預備緊移英嘅香港人,有冇其他忠告

Like the famous quote from Rocky, “It’s not about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.” There is nothing that we cannot overcome, as long as we have a goal. For me, it’s all about my kid. I want her to grow up in the UK, so every obstacle I encounter while setting up my life here is merely a tree branch on the ground. My wife is a lot happier, too. To me, it’s worth it.

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