Many countries block travel from UK ⦁ 多個國家暫停比英國出發嘅人入境

嚟緊幾星期,如果想離境然後再入英國境 (包括想延長LOTR嘅港人) 將會好難,因為變種病毒已經令好多國家暫停比英國出發嘅人入境。以下係我哋經BBC同可靠新聞渠道所組合嘅消息:

  • 愛爾蘭:星期日開始已經暫停比英國客運航班及船隻進入。
  • 法國:由星期日開始48小時,唔俾任何從英國出發嘅人進入。
  • 德國,比利時:由星期日開始已經唔俾所有英國嘅航班及火車入境。
  • 保加利亞:封英國關直至1月31日。
  • 荷蘭:封關直至到1月1日。
  • 意大利,奧地利:詳情未公布,但會拒絕比英國嚟嘅人入境。
  • 以色列:唔俾非居民從英國入境。
  • 香港:12月12日已經停止英國航空航班到港,直至12月25日。

If you want to leave the UK and re-enter for whatever reason (such as to get LOTR), it will be difficult in the coming few weeks.

Many EU countries are banning passenger flights from the UK, while we expect a more coordinated plan to be announced by the EU tomorrow.

Below is a list of countries banning arrivals from the UK so far.

  • Ireland: Banned air & sea arrival since midnight yesterday (on Sunday).
  • France: Suspended all travel links with the UK for 48 hours from midnight yesterday.
  • Germany: Suspended flights since midnight yesterday.
  • Belgium: Suspended flights and trains since midnight yesterday.
  • Bulgaria: Suspended flights to and from the UK until 31 January.
  • The Netherlands: To ban all passenger flights till 1 January.
  • Italy: To suspend flights, but details to be confirmed.
  • Austria: To ban all flights, but details to be confirmed.
  • Israel: Barred entry to non-citizens arriving from the UK.
  • Hong Kong: Banned BA flights since 12 December for 14 days.



Image: Karen Uppal on Unsplash

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