LOTR case study: Got a place at a primary school  ⦁  LOTR 成功例子:登記讀小學

Kids attending school

Ying Goi Dim spoke to a Hong Kong family who arrived in the UK using Leave Outside the Rules (LOTR) and manage to enrol the 6-year-old daughter into a school in the UK.

We are a family of 4, arrived in the UK in late August using LOTR • 「我哋一家四口八月頭到英國。」

Our youngest daughter is 6 now, so she is in year 2.

Once we managed to rent a place in the UK, we went on the council’s website and registered our daughter • 「有住址證明後馬上到council網頁幫小朋友登記入學。」

The council only asked for 3 documents: 1 document to confirm our child’s date of birth, 2 other documents to prove the child’s address. • 「Council 只要求上載小朋友出生日期及住址證明文件。」

But I additionally uploaded copies of our (the parents) and her passport identity pages, and the passport stamps (which say Leave to Remain for Six Months).

I have advice for those who plan to come on LOTR in the next couple of months.

While you may not need to show all the documents they asked for at the border for LOTR, it is best to be prepared. Have everything ready with you.

Scan all the documents you think are needed in the UK before you arrive so you have soft copies of all important documents. • 「出發英國前記得預備好所有重要文件嘅電子版本,方便行事。」

You may want to think about bringing a scanner with you for the big move, or buy one in the UK.

Image: CDC on Unsplash

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