It’s Christmas Eve Eve 🎄

Today is the day the magic begins, on the day unofficially known as Christmas Eve Eve.

Christmas Day on the 25th is of course is the big event, or at least as big as turbo-covid will allow in 2020.

Christmas Eve on the 24th is the night during which children try to sleep while Father Christmas (ie their parents) sets everything up in the middle of the night.

Christmas Eve Eve is the day before THAT – ie today, the 23rd.

Of course, we could play this game forever and keep adding -Eve, -Eve, -Eve to every day through the year, but that would be silly. Christmas Eve Eve, however, is not silly. It is a genuinely magic day.

Today is when the magic of anticipation begins because tonight we go to sleep knowing we will wake up tomorrow to a magical day. ❤️

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