Check your LOTR stamp before leaving the counter ⦁ 過關時記得 check 你嘅 LOTR 印


The wrong stamp received yesterday, as shown above, says “no work or recourse to public funds”. This is incorrect because LOTR allows you and your dependants to live, work and study in the UK for 6 months until you can apply for the main BNO visa process.

上面你見到嘅印係錯嘅,寫住「No work or recourse to public funds」,因為LOTR係容許你工作同讀書六個月。

The correct stamp, as shown on Ashley’s passport is the proper stamp for LOTRs and does allow the holder to work.



假如你打算喺1月31日BNO簽證接受申請前用LOTR嚟英國,記得攞咗護照之後要check清楚個印啱唔啱。當你一離開機場,解決方法就係聯絡 Home Office。


Some Hong Kongers we know arrived yesterday at Heathrow to apply for LOTR, only to realise hours later that the stamp they received in their passports was not what they should have been given.

Getting a wrong stamp, or even worse no stamp at all, has happened to many Hong Kongers.

If you are intending to come on LOTR before the BNO application starts on 31 January, please make sure you check your stamp before leaving the counter. Once you stepped out of the airport, you will have to contact the Home Office.

If you are coming on your HKSAR passport, it is particularly important for you to check your passport stamp to avoid any implications for your stay.

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