Conkers or sweet chestnuts? ⦁ 七葉樹果實定係栗子?

剛剛有香港人分享咗一條 YouTube 片,完全誤導,叫人喺英國執七葉樹果實當栗子咁食,痴線!七葉樹果實係有毒㗎,唔可以食㗎!

We just saw a completely misleading Youtube video today, implying that you can eat conkers as if they are sweet chestnuts. This is FALSE! Conkers are toxic and should not be consumed by people. Whoever made that video is an idiot.

So, what is a conker? ⦁ 乜嘢係七葉樹果實?


You will see them on the ground in parks or streets all across the UK during autumn mostly. The capsules are green, thick with short spikes on them. British kids are told they cannot eat conkers, as that will give you a tummy ache.

呢個就係七葉樹果實 (馬栗),唔食得㗎!
This is a conker, also known as a horse chestnut . Do NOT eat it.
Image: Artur Łuczka on Unsplash

Sweet chestnuts are different ⦁ 我哋食嘅栗子係唔同㗎


The chestnuts that we eat are sweet chestnuts. The capsules are brown and have long soft spines. The nuts are triangular, and typically smaller and flatter than horse chestnuts. It is okay to eat these after they have been properly roasted.

These are sweet chestnuts that we can eat, with capsules that are brown with long soft spines.
Image: Sébastien Bourguet on Unsplash

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