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The government updated its guidance yesterday on travelling during the second lockdown in England, starting 12.01am on Thursday, 5 November. ⦁ 英國政府尋日更新咗英格蘭第二次封城時,對本地及國際旅遊嘅指引。請香港人留意。 The government said: There is no exemption for staying away from home on holiday. This means people cannot travel internationally or
MeowWu the Cat who recently moved from Hong Kong to the UK

How to move to the UK with a cat ⦁ 點樣同貓貓移民

Immigration Stories by Ying Goi Dim ⦁ 英該點的港英故事 · 點樣同貓貓移民 Helen Cheung and her boyfriend care for three animals – one cat and two bunnies. When she decided to move to Leeds with her boyfriend, they used pet relocation companies to bring the pets over from Hong Kong. Helen shares with us how she arranged for
Ashley's dog

LOTR case study follow up: Ashley went back to HK ⦁ LOTR case跟進: Ashley 返咗香港

Immigration Stories by Ying Goi Dim ⦁ 英該點的港英故事 · LOTR case跟進 – Ashley 返咗香港 We reconnected with Ashley (not his real name), who arrived in the UK on 6 August 2020 on Leave Outside the Rules (LOTR). He flew back to Hong Kong in late September because of rising COVID-19 cases in the UK, and upon
man in blue polo shirt moving box

Checklist – what to bring to the UK ⦁ 乜嘢要帶去英國,乜嘢嚟到先買

Here is a list of things some Hong Kongers said they would bring/not bring from Hong Kong. Things to bring from HK Rice cooker Air fryer Books in Chinese. If you have kids you might want to stock up Strong medicine Towels Chopsticks you can get in the UK, but there is no real choice