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Asian boy learning at school

How to find a school for your children ⦁ 如何替子女選小學和中學

Immigration Stories by Ying Goi Dim ⦁ 英該點的港英故事 · 如何替子女選小學和中學 On 22 July, the UK government confirmed that with a Hong Kong BNO Visa, you and your dependants can have access to education, including: Schooling for child dependants that are under 18 Education and training for young people aged 16-19 Ability to apply for higher
Learning English with different nationals

Is my English good enough? ⦁ 我英文夠唔夠好

Immigration Stories by Ying Goi Dim ⦁ 英該點的港英故事 · 我英文夠唔夠好 There is no minimum level of English needed to emigrate to the UK to live and work permanently. However, the UK government has said it wants BNOs to ‘show a commitment to learn English where appropriate’, for example where their level is noticeably poor. And