About Us ⦁ 關於英該點

Who we are ⦁ 我哋係乜水

Kong Girl met London Lad when she was holidaying solo in England more than a decade ago.

As a true British gentleman would, London Lad showed Kong Girl around town, captured her heart with his wit and accent, and bought her a diamond ring some months later.

Soon enough, Kong Girl moved to London with a big suitcase and a completely empty wallet. She was willing to start afresh, confident of the love and support she would get from London Lad as well as from his family, who she had met only once.

“If I can survive Hong Kong, I can build a life in the UK!”

⦁ 2007年,港女自己一個去英格蘭旅行嘅時候,遇上London Lad



What we want to do ⦁ 英該點嘅目標

We as a couple have been through most of the things that you – Hong Kongers moving to the UK – are trying to work out: How to apply for a visa, how to find a job, and how to fit in. Not to mention how to buy moon cakes, peach blossom and get hotpot when you really need it.

Ying Goi Dim has been created to help Hong Kongers start a new life in the UK. We want this community to connect Hong Kongers making the move with others already in the UK who can lend a helping hand. We want to get good deals for you. We want to see people build happy and successful lives in the UK while they remain in touch with the Hong Kong way of life. We will do what we can to support you all.

Starting a new life is not easy, but you can start by asking how (“ying goi dim”).

港女同 London Lad 咁就結左12年婚。好多香港人經歷緊嘅嘢,例如申請簽證,搵工,創業,適應,學英文,買桃花,買月餅,搵牛肉打邊爐⋯⋯我哋都試過。



Kong Girl & London Lad

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